Q8 T720 15W-40

Q8 T720 15W-40 multigrade is a high performance diesel and petrol engine oil manufactured from severly solvent refined paraffinic base oils fortified by detergent/dispersant, antiwear and antioxidant additives.

ACEA E5/E3/B3/A3, API CH-4/SJ, MB 228.3, MAN M3275, Volvo VDS-2, MTU Type 2, Caterpillar ECF-1, Cummins CES 20071/-72/-76/-77, Mack EO-M Plus, Recommended for Renault VI RLD, Exceeds requirements of DAF/Iveco/Scania, Can be used where Allison C- is required.
Available Pack Sizes: 208L