Q8 Schubert 32

Q8 Schubert is a range of four compressor oils covering ISO classification 32 to 100, developed to meet the heavy demands of modern high output compressors. They have been manufactured from high quality solvent refined base oils with inherently low carbon forming tendencies and fortified with the latest technology additives. Q8 Schubert oils have high viscosity indexes giving good oil flow rates at low temperature start up, coupled with exceptional film strength. The additive package provides antiwear charcteristics throughout a wide range of operating temperatures, whilstpreserving outstanding resistance to oil oxidation at high temperatures. Corrosion inhibitors ensure protection when the compressor is at rest and water condensation separates readily without any detrimental effect. The Q8 Schubert range also contains an effective antifoam additive package that prevents any oil starvation in compressors where foaming is a problem.

ISO-DP 6743/3.2 categories DAA-DAB and DIN 51506 VDL. 

Available Pack Sizes: 25L