Q8 T35 80W-90

Q8 T35 is a range of multi purpose automotive gear lubricants formulated from a blend of extreme pressure additives in high quality solvent refined paraffinic base oil. They contain rust and corrosion inhibitors, anti foam agents and a highly effective viscosity index improver to ensure shear stability throughout their service life.
API GL-4, John Dere JDM J11B (manual transmissions), Eaton Bulletin 2053 (manual transmissions), Eaton Bulletin 2053 (manual transmissions), Eaton/Fuller Bulletin 2052 (twin countershaft transmissions), Ford SM-2C-1011A (commercial gearboxes), SQM-2C9008-A (manual transmissions), Fuller Form 121 (manual transmissions, R and RT series), General Motors Pt no 19 40 75 (manual transmissions), MAN 341 Z-1 (manual transmissions), MB 235.1 (most truck manual transmissions), ZF TE-ML 02A (truck and bus transmissions), ZF TE-ML 17A (transmissions and axles lift trucks), ZF TE-ML 16A (SAE 90, transmissions for rail vehicles).

Available Pack Sizes: 20L