about us

Our family-run business, Regency Marketing Ltd, has been operating for 14 years and is based at our home in Richmond.  We offer a wide range of products from tea, coffee and cleaning supplies, to industrial, commercial and general packaging, to supplying a range of products to the agricultural sector to farm plastic recycling.

A large part of our business is agricultural contracting using a Baker No-Tillage Cross-slot seed drill.  Baker No-Tillage designs and builds these specialised drills in New Zealand for a world wide market.

Our code of practice is to always be open and honest and to endeavour to communicate well with our clients and to treat them with respect.

The things that are important in our business are honesty, integrity, treating customers with respect, good communication between both customers and ourselves and dealing with customers’ needs in a timely manner.

We are always approachable and try to be helpful to clients no matter what their business is.

We always enjoy a challenge and think outside the square!!!