The New Option for Smart Farmers

Proven results on the farm from a unique partnership of biological science and engineering.

For top yields plants need:


Assured Emergence

Supply of Soil Water

Supply of Soil Nutrients

Good Soil Structure Good Crop Husbandry

Benefits compared with other no-tillage options:-
  • Features several world-first functions that are simply not available elsewhere.

  • Is recognized as state-of-the-art by international authorities.

  • Creates horizontal slots – only no-tillage opener to do so – most others are vertical.

  • Creates true low-disturbance no-tillage by replacing residues over the slot.

  • Harnesses both liquid and vapour soil water to almost guarantee seedling emergence.

  • Self-adjusts downforce to match soil hardness, thus maintaining seeding depth & cover.

  • Is virtually unblockable in most residues, even by the heaviest yielding crops.

  • Eliminates almost all hairpinning problems.

  • Greatly reduces risks - biological, mechanical and financial.

  • Bands fertilizer close to the seed – with virtually no risk of seed burn.

  • Outstanding crop & pasture yield responses – up to 50%.

  • Needs only a 1 - 4% yield response to justify its cost compared with cheaper options.

  • NZ owners consistently report 95%+ success rates with crops and pastures.

  • Is the result of 30 years of internationally-published scientific research.

  • Is designed in NZ, which has some of the most varied farming conditions in the world.

  • Was designed by identifying and eliminating the failings of other no-tillage machines.

  • Leaves stones buried – not all no-tillage drills do this.

  • Most functions are self-adjusting – reducing dependency on skilled operators.

  • Is deliberately robust – to handle rough and steep surfaces without breakage.

  • Operates well on slopes up to 45º.

  • Has a minimum 10,000 hour (10 year) design life (similar to tractors).

No other no-tillage technology has ever out-performed Cross Slot!