Assured Emergence

Slot micro-environment/residues
Only untilled soils contain usable amounts of vapour water in addition to liquid water. Only inverted T-shaped seed slots trap this humidity for use by seeds. Only Cross Slot openers make inverted T-shaped slots. Cross Slot’s ability to micro-management surface residues is why germination failures are very rare indeed.

Almost all no-tillage openers smear the slot walls in damp soils. Some also compact them. When smears dry they become crusts that restrict root growth. Cross Slot openers do not compact or allow smears to dry.

All disc openers hairpin from time to time and most then place the seeds in the hairpins. Cross Slot openers position the seeds to one side of hairpins, thereby negating the problem entirely.

Depth control
Consistent depth control is more important in no-tillage than tillage and difficult to achieve. It requires two separate but complimentary drill functions. Only Cross Slot faithfully follows large ground surface undulations at the same time as it self-adjusts to changes in soil density.

Seed quality
Seed slots made by Cross Slot openers are so favourable to seeds that they will even force germination of poor quality seeds, which are otherwise incapable of developing into high-yielding crops. High quality seeds are therefore recommended.

Seed types
Cross Slot openers can successfully handle most seed types from small (clover, brassicas, grasses) to medium (cereals,soybean, sorghum) to large (Garbonzo beans, maize, peas).