Piippo Big Square Twines

Piippo Big Square Twines
Piippo has developed twines globally for more than four decades. Piippo twines are manufactured using unique Firm Film Technology that produces a soft twine with unparalled knot strength. A superior twine can be used to achieve higher knot strength, meaning that pack of Piippo twine lasts for even 20% more bales!

Unparalled knot strength
A soft twin which greatly reduces wear and tear of the knotters
Unique construction giving greater strength
A twine suitable for all square balers
Superior packaging means no damaged or telescoped spools






Extreme 1000 x2 White Big Square
Magnum 1100 x2 Blue Big Square
Big Square 1200 x2 Blue Big Square
Fat 1500 x2 Blue Conventional