The stylish, computerised Ecomist dispenser uses natural pyrethrums to provide complete insect control.
Safe for all the family - including pets. Installing dispenser in your home will provide 24-hour protection from unwanted insects.  How it works – just set and forget!

Ecomist dispensers continuously release small bursts of natural Pyrethrins, which are derived from the Chrysanthemum Daisy, at regular intervals. The air flow in your home circulates the Pyrethrins to become an effective deterrent for all insects. It even works with your doors and windows open.

We recommend:

Residential Customers
Insect Control – E4C dispenser – the E4 has 3 settings to provide the best coverage all year round. 
  • Normal (every 7 mins during the day, every 15 min at night)

  • High (every 4 mins during the day, every 15 at night) 

  • Low (every 7 mins during the day, off at night).

Home Fragrance and Odour Control: The E4C  as above can also be used very effectively for home fragrancing. Choose the setting that delivers the right amount of fragrance with odour neutralisers in your home.

Commercial Customers
It has tailorable hours and outputs to get the right amount of output when you need it. Plus the handy internal LCD lets you know how long your can will last in days under the current settings.

Night and Day Detection
As many insect are less prevalent when the sun goes down, our special light sensor allows the unit to reduce the amount of product released at night to help extend the life of your aerosol.
Three Output Settings
High - For when insects are most prevalent
Normal - For everyday use
Economy - Recommended for low insect activity during the winter months
Ecomist Solenoid Valves
The Ecomist solenoid valve pioneered the automatic insect control industry. The solenoid allows the ultra fine mist produced to be easily carried around the room on natural air currents creating an insect free barrier.
Slim Line Design
Designed to be unobtrusive in your home or business
Manufacturer’s Warranty
We stand behind our products and offer a 1 year warranty on each dispenser.