Commercial Dispensers

Commercial Dispenser – EcoProC

Ecomist remains at the leading edge of dispenser technology with our new EcoProC dispenser.

Based on customer feedback from both around NZ and overseas, we have developed a new dispenser designed specifically for Commercial applications for both insect control and fragrancing.

The dispenser has a built in LCD clock which stores the date and time. There are 16 specific timing programs, all with variable output to get the right amount of product when you need it and to extend aerosol life. Plus, once it’s set, the LCD will even tell you how long till the can needs to be replaced.

Specific programs are tailored for:

All day insect control – with less product dispensed at night (similar to an E4 dispenser)
  • Always on

  • Retail hours, with programs designed for late night shopping and also 5, 6 or 7 day working weeks

  • Early start hours for companies such as bakeries and cafes

  • Late start hours for bars clubs and restaurants

  • Aged Care Facility settings (with extra output around bed change time to better control odours)

  • School hours settings