A World of Fragrances

The use of Ecomist fragrances and our aromachology Mood Maker Collection can be achieved with ease using the Ecomist aerosol dispensers to create a fresh, ambient setting.  We have a vast selection of fragrances for use in our automatic aerosol dispensers.  We have over 80 blends and development continues with 55 new fragrances just added to our range.

Well, what do they smell like?

  Natural-Fresh Impression
1 Soliel     Crisp Lemon, Floral Musk
2 Champagne Floral, fruity, peach, rose & Musk
3 Isola Marine, floral, woody
4 Morning of Spring Green fresh, floral, dry nuts & woody
12 Glazon floral, gaseous floral, marine & light spicy
13 Brandon fruity, light floral, woody powdery
14 Marin Marine, floral, light woody
15 Enchanted Garden Intense green, herbal, green woods
23 Ozone watery citrus, floral, light woody
24 Riverstone green & citrus, violet, marine
25 Durban Fern, Fruity, musky & spicy
26 Enscense spicy fresh, fruity, musky & spicy
34 Nuage floral, fruity, sandalwood
35 Frais fresh, green citrus, fruity
36 Marineau floral, marine, musky
37 Green fern, green tea, woody
45 Gringo floral, spicy, woody
46 Dhaka fresh, herbal, woody
47 Irvin rustic, woody marine, amber
48 Florientale green, spicy, woody dry herbs
  Floral Impression  
5 Shanel green, jasmine, musky & exotic
6 Hypnosis floral, franjipani, powdery
16 Country rose, peach apricot & amber vanilla
17 Cocowax marine, coconut & light woody
27 Eternal fresh, rose, musky
28 Franjipani sweet and light, tropical floral
38 Milky Way floral, white floral, iris powder
39 Pace light fruity, warm, woody
49 Forbidden citrusy, Oriental & spicy
50 Summer Story floral, fern & sweet floral, vanilla
  Food Impression  
8 Raspberry Sweet Fresh Raspberries
19 Mango Fresh juicy mango
30 Figue Fruity, floral sweet, powdery
41 Chocolate Pure, rich chocolate
52 Coffee Fresh roasted coffee
  Fruit Impression Citrus
7 Citruzest citrus & white flowers, green accord, sandalwood
18 Angel Mist citrus, floral, musky
29 Royal Sport green, spicy, musky
40 Energie citrus floral, herbal tea, white musk
51 Monte Carlo citrus blend & lavender
  Fruit Impression Berry & Orchard
9 Velour heavy fruity, musky
20 Marshall citrus, floral, woody
31 Grape fruity, grapes, intense fruity & light woody
42 Glowing fresh, dark green herbal, sweet woody
53 Verberry green citrus, orchard, amber-musk
  Spice Oriental Impression
10 Parisian Foral light leafy, amber & sandalwood
11 Mizar fruity, floral spicy, powdert exotic
21 Ronan spicy, floral, woody
22 Marronie woody, tea, vanilla & patchouli
32 Caesar spicy fresh, floral, woody spicy
33 Boise light woody, leathery, aniseed
43 Summer Showers floral, spicy, amber vanilla
44 Aoud citrus, powdery & exotic woods
54 Far Out floral, violet, heavy woody
55 Chalimar green floral, powdery vanilla, caramel-amber
Food Perfumes
Raspberry   Orange   Café coffee
Blueberry MuffinRosemary   Citrus   Cocoa Chocolate
Strawberry   Liquorice   Apple
Peach   Lemon talc   Vanilla
Mango   Peppermint       Tropical coconut
Rose Classic, delicate garden rose
Jupiter Citrus, bergamonte, oriental woody
Baby Talc Citrus powdery, floral spicy
Red Dwarf Floral citrus, orhic rose, musk & sweet wood
Jasmine Fresh Jasmine

Lavender Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties
Eucalyptus Great for clearing the airways, antiseptic properties
Tea Tree Antiseptic and anti-fungal properties
Rosemary Soothes and heals, antioxidant properties

*Ecomist Aerosols are not to be sprayed directly onto ones person or be inhaled in large quantities. The Medicinal range of perfumes contains essential oils of the mentioned extracts and medicinal properties are based on traditional medicinal solutions. Ecomist does not accept responsibility for injury resulting from misuse of our products.

Aromatherapy - Mood Maker Collection
Happiness Lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus & mint
Calming Lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus & mint
Energising Lavender, jasmine, rose, nutmeg & cedarwood