The Power of Fragrance


In-Store Fragrancing is the specific use of aromas and fragrances to create an enticing, comfortable and interesting retail, service or display environment.

In-Store Fragrancing targets a person’s acute sense of smell with fragrances, aroma or essential oils, creating an environment that will be remembered long after the shopping experience.  In university studies, customers have proven to be happier to browse with an increase in their perception of quality and presentation of the goods or services on offer.  The fragrance needs to be segmented, almost subliminal rather than over-powering.

Freud recognised the strong link between odour and human emotions. Anatomically, the nose directly connects the olfactory lobe and limbic system. This is the area of the brain which is considered to be the seat of human emotion.

Advertising by sight, sound and've missed one! By using the sense of smell.  You can now experience the POWER of In-store Fragrancing with Ecomist.

Imagine being able to infuse the air around your product or service with an evocative aroma, designed to create positive purchasing reaction!

The aroma you want, when you want it!

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